New project to report real-time safety concerns

It is possible to flag safety concerns on a crowdsourced map in real time, which could give women more confidence to travel and walk alone at night.


YourGround NSW

“YourGround NSW” is a free interactive crowdmap that allows people to report safety problems in real time. It started on November 15, 2023. It will remain open for submissions and run as a trial until February 8, 2024.

As part of the Safer Cities program, the map was created by the XYX Lab at Monash University and Crowdspot, a digital consultancy, in collaboration with the NSW Women’s Safety Commissioner, the Department of Communities and Justice, and Transport for NSW.


Safer Cities Survey

The alarming findings of the NSW Government’s 2023 Safer Cities Survey prompted this action. The survey unveiled that 32% of males and 59% of women frequently felt insecure in public places after dark. Sixty-six percent of the participating women indicated their readiness to increase their use of public transportation and walking if they perceived a higher level of safety.


The program’s tenet is that everyone has a human right to safety in the communities where they live, work, and play.


YourGround NSW follows the implementation of YourGround Victoria, which received almost 6000 submissions between April and July 2021.
YourGround NSW follows the implementation of YourGround Victoria, which received almost 6000 submissions between April and July 2021.


Users have the capability to mark specific areas on the interactive map, recording details such as the time of day, lighting, surroundings, level of activity, and whether an incident has occurred there.

Upon the closure of submissions in February 2024, researchers from the XYX Lab will analyze the reports and user feedback. They will then produce a report offering suggestions and insights on enhancing inclusivity, equity, and accessibility in cities, towns, community spaces, and transportation.

Following the successful launch of YourGround Victoria, which received around 6,000 entries from April to July of 2021, YourGround NSW is the next initiative in line.


Right to Feel Safe

“Everyone has a right to feel safe and welcome on our streets, parks, paths, and beaches, but nearly two in three women say they do not feel safe at night in NSW,” states Dr. Hannah Tonkin, the first Women’s Safety Commissioner for NSW. People’s access to services, jobs, education, and community engagement can all be hampered by a sense of unease.

“YourGround NSW will amplify the voices of women and people of gender diversity as they move around their cities, towns, and regions, help us understand their experiences, and provide crucial data and evidence for NSW policymakers going forward.”


Access the interactive map here. 

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