Business Startup

Sale & Purchase of Business

Buying a Business

Buying a new or an existing business is one of the most crucial decisions of one’s life. One must ensure that the business he/she is buying is free of any liabilities or debts that may follow with the business. If you end up buying a business with debts and liabilities, you may be personally liable and may face various legal problems due to the decision. It is always important to consult a lawyer before buying any business. We can help you in making the important decisions and make your purchase of business a smooth process.

Some of the important points to consider when buying a business include as to why is the vendor selling the business, what is the current customer base of the business, whether there are any contracts in place with existing suppliers, what are the assets and liabilities of the business, whether the business currently is or ever has been in a dispute.

Before making an offer to the buyer, we can also help you obtain a proper valuation of the business to ascertain the current value of the business.

Our team of lawyers can provide specialist advice to you before and throughout the process of buying a business. If you are already buying or planning to buy a business, contact one of our experienced lawyers today.

Selling a Business

Selling a business can at times be challenging if you do not have the right advice. It is important to be aware of the steps of selling a business before taking a decision to sell it!

Some of the steps involved in selling a business include:

  • Drafting a Contract of Sale of Business
  • Reviewing Contract and advising
  • Negotiating with the purchaser
  • Exchanging the contract
  • Attending Settlement

If you are selling or planning to sell your business, contact us today!