Criminal Law

Pleading Guilty

When charged with an offence; one may opt to plead guilty and explain to the court what the circumstances were at the time the offence was committed. One of the advantages of pleading guilty at an earlier stage of the proceeding is that a judge or a magistrate may dismiss the matter by way of s10(1)(a) or alternatively give a lesser sentence. In pleading guilty we can help you by:

  • Explaining you the court process
  • Negotiating with the prosecution in dropping or reducing the charges
  • Help you in drafting character references to be handed to the court
  • Getting specialists reports for you e.g. expert report by a psychiatrist where applicable
  • Helping you arrange to enroll in offenders’ programmes that help you

    with your future behavior and getting a lesser sentence.

Our legal team is highly qualified and experienced. We work hard to help you get the best possible results. If you want to plead guilty to an offence and want us to help, contact us today.

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