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Abolishment of Duplicate Certificates of Title - WA

Abolishment of Duplicate Certificates of Title – WA

Abolishment of Duplicate Certificates of Title in Western Australia (WA) – A Landmark Legal Change In a significant stride towards modernizing property transactions and enhancing efficiency, Western Australia (WA) has taken a monumental step by abolishing the requirement for Duplicate Certific...
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Unraveling Subpoenas in Australia - FED

Unraveling Subpoenas in Australia

Unraveling Subpoenas in Australia A Comprehensive Guide to FED Cases Dot Legal, a prominent law firm with offices in Sydney, Smeaton Grange, Penrith, and Melbourne, prides itself on offering exceptional legal services in various domains, encompassing Family Laws, Property Laws, Criminal Laws, Civil ...
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Service and default judgment – VIC

Service and Default Judgments in VIC

Understanding Service and Default Judgments in Victoria, Australia Welcome to Dot Legal, your trusted law firm offering comprehensive legal services in NSW and Melbourne. In this article, we delve into the concepts of service and default judgments in Victoria, Australia, which are crucial aspects of...
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Empowering Victims: Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia under FED - Dot Legal

Domestic violence leave – FED

Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia: Understanding Your Rights under the Fair Employment Directive (FED) – Dot Legal In recent years, society has increasingly recognized the devastating impact of domestic violence on individuals and families. In response, the Australian government has ta...
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Domestic Violence in Australia - AVOs in NSW

Domestic Violence in Australia

Understanding Family Violence in Australia: Laws, Resources, and Support Domestic violence affects not only the primary victim, but also those around them. Often these are also small children. Domestic violence is not only a serious problem for children, but facing it early in life can become normal...
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