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Criminal and Traffic Lawyers for Balranald Local Court

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Cnr Moppett and Pine Street
HAY NSW 2711

PO Box 32
HAY NSW 2711

The Balranald Magistrates Court was established on 1 January 1985 with the promulgation of the Magistrates Act.
On July 30, 1988, Euston District Court closed and business was transferred to Baranard Court.

The types of criminal cases brought before the Balranald Local Court are:

  1. Drunk driving, traffic accidents such as stopping or disqualification
  2. Drug Possession and Minor Drug Supply Cases
  3. Frequent assaults and assaults lead to actual assaults
  4. Violence Decision Order (AVO)
  5. Fraud, theft and property crime
  6. Real-life cases of lewd assault and child abuse
  7. Gun crime
  8. Bail Requests, Sentencing Hearings, Article 32 Requests, Placement Hearings, and Defense Hearings


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