Business Startup


Becoming a Franchisee (Buying a Franchise)

It is often hard to set up your own business and develop the clients from scratch. In this case, a lot of people often become franchisees by buying a franchise.

Buying a franchise generally seems like a good option for a business owner who is looking to work on an established business. Nevertheless, as a franchisee there are a lot of things to be well-thought-out before entering into a franchise agreement. We have helped many franchisees before and are here to help. We can assist you in:

  • Reviewing and advising you on franchise agreements, financial statements and other disclosure documents of the franchise
  • Negotiating with the franchisor
  • Advising you on any related documents to the franchise agreement like lease, contract of sale of business etc.

Our team deals with prospective franchisees on a regular basis and has successfully advised many business owners in dealing with their franchise opportunities. If you want us to explain to you your obligations and rights under a franchise agreement, contact us today.

Becoming a Franchisor (Selling a Franchise)

Selling a franchise requires a thorough procedure that is generally governed by the franchise agreement. Although it sounds simple but a sale of franchise must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement. We have helped many franchisors in successfully selling their franchise to interested buyers.

Our lawyers are experienced and can help you in:

  • Drafting a sale of franchise/business agreement
  • Negotiating with prospective franchisees
  • Inserting terms and conditions according to your needs in the agreements
  • Preparing and assisting in transferring or assigning the lease with the franchise
  • Attending settlement

If you are looking to sell your franchise, or planning to start a franchise of your business, contact one of our franchise lawyers for the right advice!