Home and Building Disputes in NSW

Home and Building Disputes

Home and Building Disputes with Builders

Home and building disputes with builders can be frustrating and stressful for property owners in New South Wales. Understanding the laws that govern these disputes can help property owners to navigate the process and achieve a favorable outcome. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the most important laws related to home and building disputes in NSW.

Building Contracts:

All building contracts in NSW must be in writing and comply with the Home Building Act 1989. The contract should clearly outline the scope of work, the payment schedule, and any warranties or guarantees offered by the builder. Property owners should carefully review the contract before signing it and seek legal advice if necessary.

Consumer Claims Tribunal:

The Consumer Claims Tribunal (CCT) is a government body that resolves disputes between homeowners and builders. The CCT can help property owners to recover monetary damages, order rectification of defective work, and issue stop work orders. To bring a claim to the CCT, property owners must first attempt to resolve the dispute with the builder through mediation.


Property owners in NSW are entitled to a range of warranties for work carried out by builders. The Home Building Act 1989 requires builders to provide a seven-year warranty for major defects and a two-year warranty for defects that are not major. Property owners should familiarize themselves with these warranties and understand their rights and obligations.

Building Inspections:

Property owners can protect themselves from disputes with builders by having their buildings inspected during the construction process. Independent building inspectors can identify any defects or non-compliance with building standards and provide a report to the property owner. This can help property owners to resolve any issues with the builder before they escalate into a full-blown dispute.


In conclusion, home and building disputes with builders can be complex and challenging for property owners in NSW. Understanding the laws that govern these disputes and taking proactive steps, such as having building inspections, can help property owners to achieve a favorable outcome. If a dispute does arise, property owners should seek legal advice and consider using the services of the Consumer Claims Tribunal to resolve the matter.

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