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DRUG DRIVING OFFENCES in NSW - Get help from Dot Legal


In New South Wales, there are two categories of drug-related driving offenses. They are operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and operating a vehicle while certain substances are detectable in the mouth, blood, or urine. This page extensively covers the maximum punishments, disquali...
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Can Australian police enter your premises in Australian - Get help from Dot Legal

Can Police Enter Premises in Australia?

Introduction Understanding Police Powers in Australia Circumstances Allowing Police Entry Warrants Consent Exigent Circumstances Search and Seizure Privacy Rights in Australia The Role of Law in Police Premises Entry Historical Perspective High-Profile Cases The Importance of Proper Procedure The Fu...
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Empowering Victims: Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia under FED - Dot Legal

Domestic violence leave – FED

Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia: Understanding Your Rights under the Fair Employment Directive (FED) – Dot Legal In recent years, society has increasingly recognized the devastating impact of domestic violence on individuals and families. In response, the Australian government has ta...
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