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Is it safe enough? Changes to the Family Law Act

Is it sufficiently secure? Modifications to Family Law Act

The Family Law Act of 1975 will shortly undergo significant revisions. The modifications will aid in streamlining a complicated and multifaceted family law system. Since the rules are new and unproven, it is unclear how effective they will be in protecting children and victim-survivors of family vio...
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Family Violence in Australia - get help from Dot Legal

Family Violence in Australia

Family violence affects not just the main victim but also others who are in close proximity to them. This frequently includes young children. Family violence is not only extremely upsetting for kids, but it can also become normalized in their thoughts if they witness it at a young age. Between 2004/...
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Empowering Victims: Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia under FED - Dot Legal

Domestic violence leave – FED

Domestic Violence Leave in NSW, Australia: Understanding Your Rights under the Fair Employment Directive (FED) – Dot Legal In recent years, society has increasingly recognized the devastating impact of domestic violence on individuals and families. In response, the Australian government has ta...
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