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Criminal and Traffic Lawyers for Coonamble Local Court

Coonamble Courthouse

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27 Aberford Street

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Coonamble NSW 2829

Dot Legal is an award-winning criminal defense firm with offices throughout in NSW, Australia

Our lawyers have extensive experience, especially in Coonamble Local Court. That’s because his first position as a criminal defense attorney was in the immediate vicinity of the ‘Coonamble Local Court‘.

The types of criminal cases brought before the Coonamble Local Court are:

  1. Drug cases involving supply, manufacture, cultivation and import
  2. Attacks and injuries
  3. Robbery and robbery
  4. Fraud and property crime
  5. Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offenses
  6. Sentencing hearings, severity and sentencing appeals, bail claims and court proceedings


If you need an experienced criminal or traffic attorney in Coonamble Local Court, click here to request an appointment with Dot Legal or call (1800)368534  to make an appointment today. Get help from an experienced attorney.

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